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Grownup's Night Out in Myrtle Beach

Night Out | Myrtle Beach

If you have kids, you know that getting a grownup's night out in Myrtle Beach can be tough. Got teenagers? That makes it even tougher! We have the solution for you! For younger kids, a great neighborhood babysitter is a great go-to. But what do you do when your kids are too old for a babysitter but you don't exactly want to leave them home alone? You can keep them entertained and have a grownup's night out at the same time. We've got your game plan right here!

Grownup's Night Out in Myrtle Beach

Here is your game plan for a grownup's night out when you have teenagers:

Dinner: Start off with a nice family dinner over at Dave & Busters. They have a great menu with a ton of great options from wings to salads to burgers and more. They also have some great drinks for the adults to enjoy with your meal.

Games: Play some games with the kiddos to get them in the groove. Then load up their game cards so they can play on their own.

Show: Next, you'll leave the teens at Dave & Busters while you head on over to the Wonders Theatre for Steve Falcon's Comedy Hypnosis Hour. (Don't worry! The theatre is right next door, so you won't be far away.) Steve Falcon's show is an 18+ only show with laughs, side-splitting fun, comedy and hypnosis. Steve Falcon has been featured on TV and also performed for years at The Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. It's a Las Vegas-style show, right here in Myrtle Beach!

Dessert: After the show, grab the kids (or don't!) and head on over to Ben & Jerry's North for one of their delicious ice cream creations.

Singing: After dessert, hop on over to Bar Louie for nightly karaoke! Embarrass your teens by singing cheesy 80s and 90s tunes complete with dance moves! You'll laugh and they might cry but you'll all have fun.

While your grownup's night out in Myrtle Beach takes the teens into consideration, you'll still enjoy some adult time while the kids are playing the night away. When your kids are too big for a babysitter and not yet cool to leave home alone, follow our game plan for your fun night out that keeps the kids busy while you enjoy some grownup time courtesy of the Wonders Theatre.

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