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Welcome to the Comedy Shoppe at the Wonders Theatre in Broadway at the Beach, Myrtle Beach, SC! Get ready to experience the biggest and funniest show on the Grand Strand! As soon as you step into the theater, you'll be greeted with uproarious laughter and a lively atmosphere that sets the stage for an unforgettable comedy experience. 


With a line-up of top-notch comedians from around the country, the Comedy Shoppe promises to deliver non-stop hilarity that will have you rolling in the aisles. From seasoned stand-up veterans to up-and-coming comedic talent, the shows are curated to keep you entertained from start to finish. 


The Wonders Theatre provides a cozy and intimate setting, where you can relax with your favorite beverage or snack from the fully stocked concessions stand and enjoy the side-splitting performances. The talented comedians will leave you in stitches with their witty observations, hilarious anecdotes, and sharp punchlines that cater to all types of comedy lovers. 


Whether you're a local looking for a night of laughter or a visitor seeking a memorable entertainment experience, the Comedy Shoppe at the Wonders Theater is a must-visit destination in Myrtle Beach. So, sit back, buckle up, and get ready for a night of laughter that will leave you wanting more! Don't miss out on the biggest and funniest show on the Grand Strand at the Comedy Shoppe!


Live Special Taping with "Shelly Belly" Michelle Rider!

June 1 - 3     4pm

Michelle Rider also known as Shelly Belly has taken the comedy and social media scene by



“Michelle Rider also known as Shelly Belly has become one of the top acts in the 2022 comedy world, delighting fans with a one of a kind hilarious stand up comedy show”. Michelle has branched out and is now traveling the US and filling the seats . Michelle’s relatible comedy consists of talking about things you won’t, but she will with a touch of Naughty.


Michelle began her comedy career performing relatible Southern comedy on stages across the Southeast she then gained attention in the comedy world after releasing comedy skits online as shellybellycomedy. Since then, her comic videos have gone on to earn millions of views and he has since gained million s followers and likes through her social media accounts.


Apart from her work as a stand up comedian, Michelle was discovered through her social media by Studio Lambert and was chosen to be on the number one reality show The Circle season 3 on NETFLIX.  Her time on The Circle was the most watched season to date and the world fell in love with her Southern twang and funny personality. Michelle has also been featured in Cosmopolitan ELLE, Buzzfeed, IMDb, ABC, NBC, Fox, Roku, Parade, Bustle, ENews, Women’s Health, Newsweek, The Decider, TV Insider and has been on talk shows and podcast across the US, (Google Michelle Rider she is everywhere).


Aunt Mary Pat

June 5    7pm

$30 No Discounts

I'm just a small town gurl living' in a big city world! Now pass the Fireball and let's stir the gravy. 


 Aunt Mary Pat first came onto the scene in early 2018 through a viral video after the Historic Eagles Super Bowl win! Since then, she has performed  more than 100 unique shows for thousands of people.  In early 2019, after a successful kickstarted campaign she released her debut comedy album “Talk of the Township.” It hit #5 on the iTunes comedy charts.  The album featured three #1 iTunes comedy singles. 


 Aunt Mary Pat has been recognized as Delaware’s Readers’ Choice best entertainer 2019 and Best of Delco’s 2019 for best comedian. Her catch phrases have become synonymous with the Philadelphia region. She recently released a successful Christmas album called “Mary Friggin Christmas.” She will embarking on her first national tour in 2020 called “The Fish Outta Woodier Tour:” Aunt Mary Pat enjoys raising funds for local LGBTQ+ fundraisers. 

Deegan Hudson

June 12    7pm

June 16 & 17    4pm

Ventriloquist Deegan Hudson combines her unique skill of ventriloquism with hilarious stand-up comedy, impressive vocal abilities, onstage audience participation, and a dash of magic, to create a one-of-a kind class act. 


Born and raised in Myrtle Beach, Deegan became a ventriloquist at a young age when her mom, who is also a ventriloquist, taught her everything she knows. The unique talent runs in the family! Deegan also had the privilege to learn valuable performance skills in a workshop taught by the legendary Jeff Dunham.


At only 23 years old she travels the East Coast with her outrageous characters like Critter, a mutated farm animal, Pearl, an alien from outer space, and Bob the blob. From performing her hysterical act at comedy clubs, to giving joy to those in need of a laugh at children’s hospitals, Deegan brings laughter to all. She can guarantee her show will be one you’ll never forget! 

Dan Geurin

June 26    7pm

June 28    11pm

Dan Geurin is the guy next door, who happens to be a stand-up comedian. His relatable material has made him a regular at East Coast comedy clubs and a regular member of “The Not Too Far From Home Comedy Tour”. He’s also been a comedy writer for several celebrity roasts and corporate events. Dan will show you that our everyday lives are funny and that you never really know what the guy next door is up to.

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