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What to Expect in Live Magic Shows & The Charles Bach Experience

Live Magic Shows | Myrtle Beach

There are several types of magic that can appear in a live magic show. Some magicians perform one of these specific types of magic while others combine elements from the different types of magic to create a unique experience for the audience. Here is what to expect in live magic shows and the Charles Bach Experience.

What to Expect in Live Magic Shows

Close-Up Magic - With close-up magic, the magician uses small, everyday objects such as handkerchiefs, pens, coins, spoons, cups (or any smaller object, really) to perform magic tricks. It's called close-up magic as the audience usually has to be close up to see and participate in the tricks. Close-up magic is often used by street performers and in small group settings.

Card Magic - This type of magic uses a deck of cards for various tricks and magic routines. It typically involves a high amount of audience participation and is considered one form of close-up magic. Card magic is another favorite of street performers and suitable for smaller audiences, though can be done for larger audiences using audience participation.

Stage Magic - Stage magic is most suited to performing on a stage in front of an audience. This type of magic often involves several elements to heighten the audience experience such as music, dance, mystery, mentalism, illusions, card tricks and more. This is the type of magic show most people think of when they think of a live magic show.

Illusions - Illusions are a form of magic that includes things like sawing a person in half, making people or objects disappear, daring escapes, levitations and other fantastical tricks. The illusion might include elements such as music, drama, dancing, smoke and lights to enhance the experience.

Mentalism and Predictions - Mentalism and predictions are a type of magic that uses illusions of mind-reading. Because of the nature of this form of magic, audience participation is crucial. Magicians can use mentalism and predictions in many different ways and often combine them with other types of magic such as card magic.

Comedy Magic - In comedy magic shows, the magic is the primary entertainment, and the comedy is secondary. Comedy magic requires the magician to be both a great magician or illusionist and a great comedian or the whole experience could fall flat. When done successfully, the comedy enhances the connection with the audience while drawing them in to the magic tricks or illusions.

The Charles Bach Experience

The Charles Bach Wonders Experience is the ultimate live magic show. The magician, Charles Bach, expertly weaves in music, dance and comedy while performing close-up magic, card magic, mentalism, predictions and illusions in one fantastical stage magic show. He interacts with the audience and uses audience participation to perform his close-up magic and card magic tricks. He includes stunning illusions that bend the imagination and performs a special illusion he personally created just for this show. Few magic shows hit every element and check every box but this one surely does.

Now you know what to expect in live magic shows and the Charles Bach experience. While there are many types of magic and magic shows, few can weave them all in together for a dynamic show that will leave you guessing after every trick and illusion. The Charles Bach Wonders Experience does exactly that. It's also an all-ages show and great family entertainment in Myrtle Beach. You can book your tickets here.

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