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Who is Charles Bach? 10 Cool Facts That Might Surprise You!

Charles Bach Magician | Myrtle Beach

Who is Charles Bach? Charles Bach is an internationally renowned magician, illusionist, escape artist and dancer. He's the creator of Wonders! A Magical Experience and the driving force behind The Wonders Theatre. Let's check out 10 cool facts about Charles Bach that might surprise you!

1. He's an accomplished dancer. Charles started studying dance at 12 years old. He's such an accomplished dancer that he has studied with The Joffrey Ballet in New York, Cleveland Ballet and the St. Louis Ballet. He started dancing and acting classes to help him on stage and has integrated those skills into his magic show.

2. He began practicing and learning magic at 8 years old. After figuring out a card trick his uncle showed him, he was hooked and began devouring and learning everything he could about magic and illusion. Getting his start in magic so young has inspired him to share the wonders of magic with even his youngest audience members.

3. He's been on TV! Charles has appeared on The Discovery Channel, E! Entertainment Channel and The Food Network in the US. Internationally, he's appeared on TV in Norway, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Taiwan.

4. He honed his talent in fabulous Las Vegas! Charles performed for Caesar's Magical Empire for four years while honing and creating his own unique show.

5. He's performed around the globe. Charles has performed in 65 countries, at theme parks, resorts, casinos and on luxury cruises. He's also done private performances for companies and corporations around the world.

6. He used to perform with live animals. He once performed with two animals he personally trained - a dove named Dove Henning and a rabbit named Houdini.

7. One of his tricks is deadly. Speaking of Houdini, one of Charles' escape tricks is notoriously deadly. He is currently the only magician in the world performing the Underwater Escape. This death-defying escape requires Charles to free himself of 100 pounds of chains, shackles and locks while underwater. He's performed this daring escape in 65 countries, and it has been witnessed by over 1,000,000 people live in person.

8. The Wonders show is unique. Charles has created a unique experience with the Wonders! magic show. He has blended theatre, dance, comedy, illusion and several types of magic into one stunning show.

9. His shows are family friendly. Charles aims to inspire and awe even the youngest in the audience with the joys of magic. He specifically designed his show to be family-friendly, fun and imaginative and not dark or scary.

10. He's a sought-after consultant. Charles consults with ballet companies and theatrical productions, creating magic along the way.

So, who is Charles Bach? He's an internationally known magician, illusionist, dancer and escape artist. He has surprised and delighted audiences around the world and is now here in Myrtle Beach to delight and amaze locals and visitors alike with his unique blend of entertainment and magic. Want to learn even more about Charles Bach? Visit his website.

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