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5 Reasons Why We Love Live Shows

Live Shows | Myrtle Beach

Do you love seeing live shows? You aren't alone. Most people revel in the experience of a live show, whether it's a music performance, dance, concert, sport or even a magic show. As a society, we love live performances and events. Have you ever wondered why? Here are 5 reasons why we love live shows:

1. Connection - Attending a live show is a chance to connect in a very real way with the performer(s). Witnessing the performance live enhances that human connection and can make people feel emotions in ways they normally don't experience in day-to-day life. That deep human connection is one that can only be experienced at the deepest level during a live show.

2. Energy - Being in the same place and space as a skilled performer creates a unique and excited energy. This energy is shared between the performer and the audience in a visceral way during a live show. This exchange of energy heightens the senses and can make that show the performance of a lifetime. Charles Bach, international magician and illusionist shares, "There is nothing like the energy of a live show. Sharing that moment with the audience creates this amazing dynamic of shared energy between myself and them that nothing else can match."

3. Skill - Performers spend countless hours honing their skills with control, dedication, passion and perseverance. Watching a live performance gives us a chance to marvel at the skill and effort that went into bringing us that show or routine. We can't help but admire the skill level of performers as we watch them entertain us.

4. Joy - Live shows can inspire feelings of awe, wonder and joy. Seeing a much-loved singer, watching your favorite sports team, attending your child's dance recital, taking in a play or seeing a live magic show - all of them create a sense of joy. This joy can transport you out of your everyday experience and into a state where all of your worries slip away, and you are just enjoying that moment. "I love when I look out into the audience, and I see looks of wonder. It shows me that people are really enjoying what I do, getting joy from what I do. That is the greatest part of performing live!" Charles Bach says.

5. Community - Attending live shows creates a sense of community. As the audience members experience the connection, energy, joy and marvel at the skill of the performance, the societal walls come down and for that space in time, we are one with each other. One audience, one community sharing an experience together. That sense of community that live shows provide is unique and unforgettable.

These are only 5 reasons why we love live shows. Coming together to witness a live performance of sport, song, theatre, dance or magic enriches our lives and our experience of that performance. Why do we love seeing live shows? Because there is nothing else like it! Did you know? Charles Bach has a thrilling magic show right here in Myrtle Beach! To learn more about Wonders! A Magical Experience or to buy tickets, simply click on Get Tickets Now!

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