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Charles Bach Wonders Theatre Brings Las Vegas-Style Shows to Myrtle Beach

Las Vegas-Style Shows | Myrtle Beach

Did you know that we have Las Vegas-style shows right here in Myrtle Beach? That's right! The Charles Bach Wonders Theatre brings Las Vegas-style shows to Myrtle Beach. Myrtle Beach is known as a mecca of fun so it's only natural that such shows would find a great home here on The Grand Strand. Let's take a look at the history of the Las Vegas show and how these shows have landed right here.

Las Vegas-Style Shows: The Evolution

The history of the Las Vegas show begins quite humbly in the 1950s with the lounge acts featuring stars like Don Rickles, Wayne Newton, Elvis Presley and The Rat Pack. The variety and spontaneity of these shows became a sort of blueprint for entertainment in Las Vegas in the decades that followed.

That variety and anything goes type of show ushered in the age of magic in Las Vegas starting in the late 1980s. Penn & Teller began their Las Vegas show in 1989, much to the delight of locals and Las Vegas visitors alike (and they are still performing today). The following year, Siegfried and Roy debuted their theatrical and over-the-top magic show at The Mirage in 1990. While the two shows were quite different, they opened the door for magic shows in Las Vegas. Magicians and illusionists began booking up venues all over Las Vegas while street performers delighted people up and down the Strip.

The rise of the magic show in Las Vegas also created the opportunity for variation and uniqueness in magic. From the comedy added by Penn & Teller to the fantastical and theatrical of acts like Siegfried and Roy or David Copperfield, the door was wide open, and the creativity flowed. Today, the Las Vegas magic show can include comedy, hypnosis, daring escapes, big theatrics or simple mind-bending tricks.

While other types of shows like music residencies come and go, the magic show is a vivid part of the tapestry that is Las Vegas entertainment. And now, thanks to the Charles Bach Wonders Theatre, we have some exciting Las Vegas-style shows right here in Myrtle Beach.

Charles Bach Wonders Theatre Brings Las Vegas-Style Shows to Myrtle Beach

The Wonders Theatre features two very popular Las Vegas shows from world renowned performers. The first is Charles Bach's Wonders! A Magical Experience. Charles was a regular performer at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas and has created his show with that same spirit of variety and spontaneity that brings in comedy, dance, music and more. The second is Steve Falcon's Comedy Hypnosis Hour. Steve Falcon performed for years at The Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. His show brings in a bit of the fantastical, wacky humor and a whole lot of fun. Both of these performers have delighted audiences from around the world while they performed in Las Vegas and we are profoundly lucky to have them here, in Myrtle Beach, performing their Las Vegas-style shows for us!

To learn more about Charles Bach's Wonders! A Magical Experience and Steve Falcon's Comedy Hypnosis Hour, click on Shows and choose which show you're interested in. To buy tickets, simply click on Get Tickets Now. Snatch up tickets to both shows and get $7 off! We'll see you at the show!

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